Get Rid Of Mold And Mildew With Long-Lasting

Zep Commercial Clear Shell™ is the right choice for effectively preventing mold & mildew growth outdoors and indoors - whether you're a mold remediation pro or you just need to get rid of that musty mold in your basement or on the side of your home.

Clear Shell™ creates an antimicrobial shield that prevents the growth of bacteria like mold & mildew and is the only remediation product that uses Chitosan, an effective mold inhibitor that's produced from recycled crab shells. This active ingredient also helps eliminate the foul, musty odors that come bacteria like mold and mildew.

Just spray Clear Shell™ on indoor or outdoor surfaces for long-lasting protection against mold, black mold, mildew - and the property damage they cause. Treatment results have been shown to last a year and even longer!

An Effective Mold Preventer Comes Out Of Its Shell

The Chitosan used in Clear Shell™ is an antimicrobial substance that prevents mold and mildew. It's found in recycled crab shells, an abundant and renewable resource. Because Chitosan effectively inhibits mold growth, it's an excellent choice for mold & mildew remediation. Plus it doesn't expose you (or the environment) to harsh ingredients like butyl, bleach or phosphates.

ClearShell Crab